Gymnastics Skills Clinics

Aurora Kids offers skill intensive clinics for Gymnastics throughout the year. The objective is to give more time and focus to skills of a specific apparatus or allow students to specifically target skill areas of their choice. The type of clinic varies throughout the year. Apparatus specific skill clinics are offered weekly in the Summer. Skill specific clinics tailored to individual gymnasts are offered during the school year during breaks. We highly recommend clinics for students that are highly motivated to learn a specific skill.

 Clinic format revolves around skills. Any game or additional strength areas are designed to be skill oriented. Clinics are skill and drill intensive. Students should be self-motivated and able to participate for 2 hours.

Spring Break School Age Gymnastics Clinics

March 7-10th
5:30-7:30 pm
6 yrs & older
All skill levels welcome.

$40 per gymnast per clinic.