Aurora Kids has been in business in South Anchorage since 1993.

It is our mission to lay a healthy foundation for Fitness and Sports in children that will last a lifetime. We are not as interested in creating world class gymnasts and dancers, as we are in strong, confident people.

Our Program is Child development based, which means we challenge kids at age appropriate levels for social as well as physical skills.

Our Program is progressive and curriculum based. That means we have a set structure to each class and each session. All classes are designed to challenge a range of skill levels with lots of individual attention. We keep an age-appropriate student-teacher ratio for safety and spotting. Our classes are designed to keep kids moving as much as possible with limited sitting and waiting. We are structured in Obstacle Courses for Gymnastics/Parkour so all kids can be working and practicing as much as possible. Our goal is to work them out (and maybe wear them out) while having lots of fun!

Skill growth is obtained through constant positive feedback and directive practice. That means our instructors are trained to specifically tell your child what they are doing right within their new skills and how to continue to improve.

Our staff is highly trained and safety certified. We pride ourselves on having the best trained staff in Anchorage. All staff undergoes extensive initial training before we allow them to teach your kids. We continue their education through weekly staff meetings, USA Gymnastics safety certifications, First Aid /CPR training, and we background check our adult staff. We post staff pictures, personal backgrounds and credentials on a staff board in our lobby. Our staff comes from a variety of backgrounds, but they are hired first because they love children.

Aurora Kids is a USA Gymnastics Member Club.

USA Gymnastics is committed to fostering a fun, healthy and safe environment for all members. Beginning in 2012, USA Gymnastics has provided awareness, prevention and reporting information regarding sexual misconduct to professional members, Member Clubs, and athlete members and their families through the Clubs Care and We Care Campaigns. We are pleased to introduce the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport program, which includes information and guidance on six forms of abuse that occur throughout our society and youth sport. USA Gymnastics Safe Sport program, which is replacing the Clubs Care and We Care Campaigns, provides policies, education, a reporting structure, and tools intended to assist our Members Clubs, professional members, athlete parents and athletes as we work together to promote a safe environment.

The Safe Sport integrates a system of safety checks of our facility, staff and classes. We have strict safety policies for staff from hiring, through training, and follow up with regular monitoring. We keep documentation on all aspects of our policies and promote transparency in our Program. We encourage parents to ask questions and voice concerns to help us keep Aurora Kids a positive, healthy place for families.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.


Please call us (907-345-0093), or email ( with questions or concerns. We appreciate the opportunity to help raise kids in a positive environment.