Parent Child Gymnastics Classes

Children attend classes with an adult. Children enjoy motor development & rhythmic activities, group games, tumbling, gymnastics skills, movement exploration and music. Muscular fitness through gymnastics skills, motor skill confidence, and perceptual awareness are the focus of age-appropriate exercises and activities.
Classes are separated by age groups broken into developmentally appropriate ranges. Children that were born premature or that have other delays may be placed into a class that is most appropriate for their ability level. Please consult with our office for guidance.
If your child is 3 but uncomfortable in a class alone without a grown-up, we recommend you stay in Parent/Child class through 3 years old. Kids can move up when they are ready.

Due to COVID-19 our classes are running with smaller sizes and we are cleaning continuously to keep the gym as safe as possible. See our home page for links to more information on our cleaning and safety policies. We will continue to offer private lessons for kids of all ages for families that wish to limit exposure. These lessons can be shared with other kids in the family or close friends. See our page on Tutors for more information.

Full Fall session:
August 17th – December 19th

Enrollment after the start of a session, is prorated.

First 1/2 session: Aug. 17th – Oct. 17th
Second 1/2 session: Oct. 19th – Dec. 19th
Call 907-345-0093 to register for a half session.
Monthly enrollment is available during the COVID-19 crisis.

No classes during Labor Day Weekend Sept. 5th-7th
Or Thanksgiving Weekend Nov. 26th-28th

Please click a class name to view the Fall schedule.

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