Parkour Gymnastics Classes

Jr. Parkour Gymnastics                       4-6 yr olds
School Age Parkour Gymnastics     Ages 6 yrs & up

Parkour Gymnastics is what kids try to do at home. It’s the stuff that running and jumping and playing looks like in an unstructured environment. Guess what! It’s really good for your child. It teaches problem solving, focus, perseverance, agility, strength, patience, coordination and more. All in a naturally challenging and rewarding environment.

Why bring your kids here to Aurora Kids for Parkour Gymnastics?

  • Our instructors are highly trained spotters and safety driven.

  • Our equipment is padded and age appropriate.

  • Our environment is positive and challenging.

  • Your child will have fun while they are getting fit and strong.

  • Jr. Parkour class for 4-6 yr old Ninjas.

  • Sr. Parkour class for beginner kids 9 & older that want an older age group to learn with.

  • Parkour Gymnastics 2 class is for older & more advanced students who have completed at least one full session in Parkour or done a week of Parkour camp at Aurora Kids. If you would like your child to be considered for Parkour 2 please call us, 907-345-0093.


Due to COVID-19 our classes are running with smaller sizes and we are cleaning continuously to keep the gym as safe as possible. See our home page for links to more information on our cleaning and safety policies. We will continue to offer private lessons for kids of all ages for families that wish to limit exposure. These lessons can be shared with other kids in the family or close friends. See our page on Tutors for more information.

Winter/Spring Registration
going on now.

Enroll for the full Winter/Spring session or
1/2 session at a time:

Full Session = January 4th – May 15th

10% discount given for full session enrollment if you sign up by the end of January.

Enrollment after the start of a session, is prorated.

First 1/2 session: Jan 4th – March 6th
Second 1/2 session: March 15th – May 15th

Call 907-345-0093 to register for a half session

No classes during Spring Break March 8 – 13th

Classes are prorated for Spring Break.

To register for Winter/Spring classes, please click below:


Summer registration is open.

Summer Session
May 26th-August 15th, 2020

Our flexible summer scheduling means you can enroll
for as many days as you want, whenever you want, all summer.
Enroll for 8 classes or more and get 10% off.

10% Sibling discount applies to less than 8 classes.
If siblings enroll for more than 8 classes each, they each receive 20% off.
The discount will be taken when you are charged.
It will not immediately show up when you register.

Call to enroll or if you have questions

No classes during Memorial Day Weekend
through Monday May 31st or 3rd of July.

Parkour Gymnastics

Junior Parkour
Ages 4-6 years

Tuesday 5:45-6:45
Thursday 10:15-11:15

Ages 6 years & up



SR. Parkour Gymnastics
LEVEL 1 & 2
Beginner through Intermediate
9 & older






Summer Parkour Camps

Jr. Parkour Camp
3-6 yr olds

Week #10           July 26-30

Monday-Wednesday-Friday 9-12 noon
Monday through Friday 1-4 pm

School Age
6yrs & older

Week #2 June 1-4
Week #7 July 5-9
Week #10 July 26-30

Monday through Friday 1-4pm

$40 per day